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Working with Children Check (WWCC) – Why do I need one?

So you’ve decided to apply for a job working around children? Great! You’ve obviously decided that it’s a fun, engaging and rewarding way to work.  Just be aware there are a few protocols you will need to undergo so you can enter the interview process well prepared and ready to work in this industry. One of these is obtaining a Working With Children Check (WWCC).

A WWCC is a requirement for anyone who wants to work or volunteer in a child-related sector. This includes education, religious services, transport, entertainment, disability, counselling, welfare, or health services (just to name a few). The purpose of the Check is to protect kids from physical and sexual harm by preventing anyone working with them who could potentially pose a risk to children.

When undergoing a Check, officials gain access to national police records and review any criminal offences you may have, not just those related to children. These can include convictions, charges or juvenile records. They also assess any workplace misconduct that may have taken place.

If your record comes up clear then you will be able to work with children for up to five years (with ongoing monitoring of course). And if you change jobs and move to another company you won’t need to get a new Check within that timeframe (unless you move interstate).

If, on the other hand, evidence of misconduct is found, you will be barred from working with children i.e. say goodbye to getting a job in these industries!

The WWCC’s are mandatory across Australia. However, the requirements for each State and Territory vary greatly. In NSW, anyone working in a child-related role or who has face-to-face contact with children in a child-related sector is required to get a Check. The cost of this is $80 for a five year clearance.

You can apply for a WWCC via the below link:

At the end of the day, all employers will ask you to provide a WWCC when applying for a job within these sectors. So, if you are looking to work in a child related industry in the future and would like to apply for a role, it’s a good idea to get a head start on applying for one. Besides this shows the employer you are highly organised, serious about the role, and it will speed up the employment process.

If you have any further questions about the Working With Children Check or need assistance in applying for one, give us a call as we are here to help you! And further more we would love to assist you in your search for that right career move working around children.

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