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Skills Testing Increases Recruitment Accuracy

Skills Testing Increases Recruitment Accuracy

Companies that don’t rely on effective hard and soft skill testing before employing staff, run the risk of having under-skilled staff that jeopardise productivity levels and can end up costing the company time and money in training, staff turnover and re-employment.

Through my many years of recruitment, I have seen just how crucial pre-employment skill testing is. We pride ourselves in our ability to do effective skills assessments for our clients. It allows us to sift through talent pools to determine if an individual has the required skills for a specific job.

Years ago hard skill testing was a ‘nice to have’. These days we simply wouldn’t do without it! We rely on assessments to get a better understanding of candidates’ true capabilities and determine their long-term suitability to perform and excel in any given role. Our pre-selection skill testing process gives us confidence in presenting verified skilled talent to our clients. We feel we can prove the candidate has the capability to understand the job functions and can deliver on what they need to. It certainly results in much higher staff retention rates for our clients and has given us great peace of mind in being able to offer free replacement guarantees to our clients as well. With our rigorous testing procedures in place, we rarely have to!

In addition to hard skill testing, soft skill testing can be just as crucial in assessing and identifying emotionally intelligent candidates who are the right cultural ‘fit’ for our clients. This is particularly important to our clients, where certain cultural sensitivities are a pre-requisite.

We recognise how important it is to offer our clients the very best skilled candidates we can, and incorporating hard skill testing as part of our service offering sets us apart from those agencies that don’t, and helps us remain the leaders in employment services in the education and charity organisations.

Cheryl McCormack – Principal Recruiter & Business Consultant holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology combined with her 20 plus years as a recruitment expert. Cheryl reviews all assessment results.