Recruitment Insights

The key to recruitment in the digital age

On the surface

As we move forward in our tech savvy world, it seems the recruitment doors have opened up, it seems with recruitment online, it’s anyone’s game. Anyone can post a job on a job board, candidates and job suggestions abound on Linked In, data is everywhere and through a process as simple as keyword matching you can find a resume somewhere that has the same keywords as a job description. At the end of the day though, what do you really have? Data.

Recruitment is about people

Not CV’s, resumes or any other alias for data or keywords. Successful recruitment is about finding human talent and marrying that persons talent, personality, goals and values within an organisations talent, personality, goals and values and blending it with the myriad of other human talents, personalities, goals and values that already exist in the organisation.

Throughout this digitisation of human skills, accomplishments and credentials, the essence of the art of human communication is being lost. Human communication is not only the basis of the art of successful recruitment. Human communication is actually the basis of successful people and the basis of successful companies. Yet it is disappearing before our eyes.

A three letter SMS saying “gr8” may seem like an innocuous replacement for a phone call or walk by in the office to say “thanks, I really value what you just did for me”. It might seem like a minor erosion of human interaction on face value but magnified over all the minor erosions of interaction that happen every day, hour after hour, week after week, the art of human interaction is being lost across the board. Heck, it seems a lot of people don’t even feel the need to invest in another person enough to spell the full word out. “gr8” actually screams “I’m really lazy and I don’t care enough about you to even put 5 letters in a text”.

As the quality and quantity of human interaction reduces, humans are becoming increasingly good at blocking out the ‘noise’ created by this immense bombardment of digital content being thrown at us – emails, tweets, friend requests, profile updates, endorsements. It is relentless and superficial. Where does it leave us? We’re not connecting on a human level and we’re throwing up the shutters on a digital level. No wonder individuals are feeling more and more isolated in our busier and busier lives.

We need to connect again

Not digitally, not metaphorically, in reality. We need to talk, listen, understand, empathise, persuade, finesse, laugh – CONNECT. Only then can you build quality relationships, networks, trust, understanding and knowledge.

On a recruitment level this also rings true. Connection takes time, in recruitment it also takes experience and often specialisation in a niche to be able to fully understand all the nuances that both job positions and candidates bring to each end of the table and the realisation of the perfect symmetry between the two. One thing is for sure, the perfect symmetry is not a resume to job description interaction, it is a human to many humans interaction.

At McCormack’s we care about people. We care about finding the best candidates to serve the organisations we recruit for. We care about finding the best roles for the candidates who come to us. We specialise in the not-for-profit sector because we care about the not-for-profit sector and it’s very important place in society. We believe the better candidates we can attract and place in such roles, the better our society will be. We know the only way we can have any hope of achieving these goals is by delivering exceptional standards of communication. Not exceptional standards of keyword matching. Communication. REAL communication. EXPERT communication. HUMAN communication.

Here is a challenge for the rest of the day

How many human to human interactions can you have? Don’t send a happy birthday text or Facebook message – ring them! Talk to your neighbour, talk to the barista, talk to someone in the office you hardly know. Your day and the lives of those you connected with will be richer for it and you are honing a skill that is fast becoming an all too precious commodity.