Recruitment Insights

Recruiting but time poor?

So many employers approach a recruitment project without a lot of planning or forethought. And the repercussions of a poor hiring decision can be detrimental not just to moral, but also to the bottom line!

It is so often a case of needing someone to fill a role because of an unexpected resignation or perhaps a sudden but pleasing increase in work.

A lack of time can lead to a less than satisfactory recruitment being run when it really needs to be a highly strategic and purposeful exercise if an organisation is to have any opportunity of benefiting from the whole process.

Some of the reasons why organisations believe they can do a better job than an expert recruiter;

  1. We understand the organisation better – the culture and nuances involved
  2. We have more in-depth knowledge about the role
  3. We can carry it out in-between our own job duties and tasks
  4. Recruiting isn’t rocket science after all
  5. We can save on the high cost of using an external recruiter and use that money elsewhere in the

Here are some reasons why this thinking can be flawed;

  1. An external recruiter specialised in the sector also has a good understanding of the organisation
    including the nuances & culture can be gleaned from a combination of site visits and good questioning.
  2. An external recruiter can see the wood for the trees! There is a lot of benefit in being at arm’s length!
  3. Experienced recruiters know how to ask the right questions in developing or adding to an existing job
    description – they understand that this is one of the most valuable tools in recruitment as it acts as a compass.
  4. Time strapped employees trying to juggle something as important as recruitment will inevitably let something slip – this is not good on any level!
  5. Yes – recruitment is not rocket science, but it is an art! It takes experience to understand candidate behaviour, what is being masked and why, to uncover real motivations, to assess hard and soft skills.

Are you really saving? The cost of a bad hire is stated to be up to five times the fee paid to an external recruiter and it doesn’t stop there – the fallout around moral can stack up in a negative way too!  Then there is the fact that an external recruiter will provide you with an insurance policy – called a replacement guarantee! If the organisation must start again due to a poor hiring decision, the full cost is realistically doubled – let’s not even discuss the time issue!

It makes a lot of good sense to outsource recruitment to an external recruiter – just make sure that the recruiter you chose does have a successful track record in your industry, has been doing recruitment for many years and can provide multiple testimonials in support of their track record.