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Job Adverts: Yawn vs Wow!

Now that you have sorted out the behavioural characteristics evident in your high performers and have stripped your Job Description of all the Foggy Language nailing that “spot on” vernacular, you are ready to design a cracking advert – one that will hook the talent you are seeking, well that is the aim anyway!
So don’t go and spoil it all by lodging a yawn inducing boring advert!
I know it is tempting to copy and paste past advert copy, tweaking a few pertinent job factors – but I implore you not be beguiled into thinking this will work. It will simply miss the mark and waste not only your money but all the good work you have done finessing the processes to this point.
Designing a job advert that not only attracts the attention of the right talent but also spurs them into action takes a little thought and planning. Fortunately you now have at your fingertips an effectively crafted Job Description that can serve as a compass or template for the advert.
A few pointers;
The Job Title should reflect the talents of the person you are seeking to attract so if the actual Job Description has a somewhat obscure title don’t use it! It may well be most applicable within your organisational structure but if used in the advert may miss your target market completely!
Short descriptions and bullets should describe factors that will benefit the candidate as this will increase your chances of having the right people clicking through to find out more
Include information about what you intend to pay – this is of paramount importance and if left out you will only serve to alienate potential talent as you risk having people think the remuneration is embarrassingly low!
If there is room for negotiation then put in a salary range and state this!
Keep the main body of the advert brief with a link to the full Job Description located on your organisation’s website
Don’t be tempted to over sell but don’t under sell either – a fine balance is required. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the targeted candidate to gain some appreciation about how it will be interpreted
Remember to avoid Foggy Language instead describe the behavioural characteristics and outcomes you developed previously that will best target future high performers
Always finish a job advert outlining benefits and a call to action – this should include the ability for a prospective candidate to discuss the career opportunity if they so wish prior to lodging an application
You are now ready to commence screening applications! Keep an eye out for my next blog around designing clever questions for applicant screening! I hope you found value in this post!
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