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No need for high fees in recruitment


Cheryl McCormack, Director & Principal Recruiter argues that there is no justification for charging high fees especially considering that as the salary package rises the ratio gets more out of kilter. The tasks involved in sourcing talent have evolved into a trickier landscape involving effective key words in advertising, SEO across platforms and an understanding of deep data mining using Boolean search techniques. These aspects must be carried out quickly with potential candidates captured in a highly intuitive applicant tracking system which in our case is Bullhorn.

That said, the art of true recruitment is in the ability to size people up during face to face interviews, carrying out in-depth previous employment referencing where the referee is also verified, consideration around the most appropriate skills testing and in some cases, psychometric assessments.

It’s certainly a lot of work but many agencies are charging far too much especially when many of the large recruitment agencies who are demanding these high fees often have young inexperienced recruiters often due to high turnover, working on your recruitment project with very little life or business experience – the very ingredients required of a savvy recruiter skilfully able to draw accurate information from their candidates. There is an alarming trend of late where more and more candidates are found to have misrepresented their employment in CV’s even going to the trouble of setting up false referees. Here again, the inexperienced recruiter may not pick up on candidate body language nor go to the trouble of verifying referees which can lead to serious issues down the track for the new employer who takes that person on believing that a proper recruitment process and good governance has taken place.

The real tragedy is that often the employer has paid the recruiter a very large sum of money and no manner of replacement guarantee will make up for the time lost in training and settling in the new employee let alone the damage that person can do even in the short time span of probationary periods.  Engaging an experienced recruiter to run your recruitment project is the best insurance you can have in minimising these risks – even better than running the recruitment yourself!

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