Recruitment Insights

Get the buzz: the value of reviewing your values

Do you step out for your work day with a buzz, ready to take on the working day?
If yes, good for you – surely a key to a satisfying career. But for those without the buzz, an empty work day beckons. Now stop and reflect on that emptiness.

Have you considered your values?
Things like integrity, status or stability. Or challenge, freedom and autonomy.

Are they aligned with your current role?
Imagine the worker who values the community but works in an organisation that places the individual before others. I know of the former stockbroker who has found re-invigorated meaning in his working day by now working with animals.

Before a call to your recruitment agent
A place to begin is by a review of your values. There are lists of values that a Google search will produce for you. Set aside 10 – 60 minutes for reflection. Start by creating a top 10, then whittle that down to your top 5. Write down a time when you really lived each of those values and how it made you feel. Next rank those 5 from most important to least. Now think about how your work is aligned with your values?

For me, my top two values are a curious combination of family and achievement. To satisfy the former, I seek a work environment with flex. That allows me to get home at a reasonable hour to have dinner with the kids, work from home from time to time to do the occasional school pick-up, and the ability to work at night after the kids have gone to bed.
And I crave achievement. Completion of the project, meeting my targets, even small things like completion of my urgent and important items on my ‘To-Do’ list (a topic in itself for a future blog). So I have reconciled the two by seeking achievement in my field, with the regulating mechanism of my family so I do not lose balance.

There is no right or wrong answer here.
Your values are yours. And with that greater sense of self-awareness, the buzz can be yours.