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Working with Children Check (WWCC) – Why do I need one?

So you’ve decided to apply for a job working around children? Great! You’ve obviously decided that it’s a fun, engaging and rewarding way to work.  Just be aware there are a few protocols you will need to undergo so you can enter the interview process well prepared and ready to work in this industry. One […]

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Librarians – the original and still the best search engine!

So, you work in a library or maybe you are thinking of a career in one? There are many myths surrounding how we view a typical librarian. However, in todays’ modern world it takes more than reading glasses, a hair bun and a creaky old book cart to succeed in this career!! These days’ library […]

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Up in the Clouds with Payroll – the challenges payroll employees face!

We understand the complexities for payroll employees – so let’s talk about it! A challenging role for the numerically minded and a vital role within any company, yet for payroll employees the role can be thankless!! Staff expect to be paid and paid correctly so if there’s a mistake or a misunderstanding as the payroll […]

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Aged Care

Aged Care: A growth industry

It is a fact. We are living longer and staying healthier. Excellent news! ABS data projections estimate the proportion of Australians over 65 will rise from 14% in 2012 to close to 20% by 2030. Significant enough but those aged over 85 are expected to grow astronomically. In 2012 we had approximately 420,000 Austalians in […]

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Get the buzz: the value of reviewing your values

Do you step out for your work day with a buzz, ready to take on the working day? If yes, good for you – surely a key to a satisfying career. But for those without the buzz, an empty work day beckons. Now stop and reflect on that emptiness. Have you considered your values? Things […]

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