Recruitment Reckonings

Lowest ever recruitment fees. Just 10%!

September 15th, 2017

Cheryl McCormack


With so many years specialising in recruitment for education and religious organisations, we have become the recruiter of choice in our field. The success of our reputation lies in our combination of excellence in customer service, sourcing the very best candidates for our clients, and our low fees.

Some of the bigger recruitment agencies have less invested recruitment staff who often don’t have the experience, skills, or even the desire to get the right fit. And ironically, they charge the highest fees. That’s where we differentiate ourselves. There’s nothing more rewarding than the feedback we receive from our clients and seeing our permanent placements stay and thrive in their jobs.

Cheryl McCormack has worked hard to build a recruitment agency that stands apart from the bigger agencies in terms of service excellence. Each recruiter on her team has been hand-picked for their track record in attention to detail, their authenticity and their exceptional recruitment skills.

It’s a very important skill for a recruiter to have; the ability to source the candidates that will be the right fit. Our team of experienced recruiters are extremely good at ‘sifting out’ the wrong candidates; and hand picking the best. We take great care in getting to know our clients and their culture and the skills needed so that we can find just the right person for the job.

To find out more how the team at McCormack Employment can help you with your permanent staffing, give Cheryl a call today on 8920 0218 or email